Welcome to Yepoda!

Korean skincare traditions are known to be the secret weapon for healthy and therefore beautiful skin. At Yepoda, we embrace and follow these century old expertise while giving all skincare products our own twist: Our mindfully produced skincare products are 100% free of nasties like silicones and parabens, cruelty-free, vegan and made with love in Korea.

  • Alle unsere Produkte basieren auf den besten natürlichen und aktiven Wirkstoffen und sind frei von Silikonen, Parabenen, Formaldehydenabspalter, künstlichen Farbstoffen, PEGs, Mineralölen, Mikroplastik und Sulfaten.

  • Gegen Tierversuche: Alle unsere Produkte wurden von PETA im Rahmen „Global Animal Test Policy“ zertifiziert.

  • Gut für dich – und für die Umwelt: Wir verwenden nachhaltige Optionen wann immer möglich und unterstützen mit 1% unseres gesamten Umsatzes den Schutz unseres Planeten.

  • Alle unsere Produkte enthalten ausschließlich vegane Inhaltsstoffe.

  • All unsere Produkte werden in Korea von unseren K-Beauty-Expert:innen hergestellt – mit ganz viel Liebe natürlich!

Our story

We believe in the beauty of every girl out there. And as skin is a big part of your beauty, taking care of it is essential. 
That's why we founded Yepoda: We believe in the power of Korean skincare traditions - and the recent success of K-Beauty as the skincare trend of the moment shows that more and more people discover the benefits of this specific way of skincare. Quite different from Western skincare routines, Korean have women long understood how to reach healthy and beautiful skin by taking the time to take care of their skin with a combination of the right products. Enriching this century-old expertise with modern-day science and ongoing innovations, the Korean beauty scene has managed to grow wisdom about skincare like no other country which makes it so popular today.

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But we wanted to take it to the next level: Being good to your skin is our #1 goal - so we decided to produce skincare free of all the nasties that are still often used in traditional cosmetics although they can actually harm your skin. All of our products are 100% clean which means they don't contain any silicones, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, PEGs, mineral oils, micro plastic or sulfates. While we put being good to your skin first, we wanted to take it one step further and be good to the world as well. We've commited ourselves to produce all of our products as mindfully as possible: Everything we produce is completely vegan, free of animal-testing and packed in sustainable glass jars. Last but not least, we commit ourselves to plant a tree for every order to give back to the planet. We strive to get a bit better every day - so if you have any ideas how we can improve, please let us know here.

Did you know "yepoda" means pretty in Korean?